Long Term Care Insurance Services

Susan Polk Insurance is committed to giving you peace of mind in all you long-term care needs.

The need for long-term care assistance might come about because of a disability, injury, terminal condition, illness, or the frailties of old age. That’s where we come in. At Susan Polk Insurance, we are committed to assuring you peace of mind for your long-term care needs. Our team has the know-how to find exactly the right policy from the right company to make you feel safe and secure about your future.

Protect Assets, Your Family, and Yourself

For 40 years, one of our specialties has been providing San Luis Obispo with long-term care insurance expertise and affordable plans. Our experience enables us to protect your financial portfolio and assets, as well as minimize your dependence on friends and family members.

Some plans qualify for the California Partnership for Long-Term Care Insurance Program. This program allows policy holders to maintain a higher level of assets in their estate, even if they eventually need Medi-Cal to cover the cost of their long term care.

The Scope of Long Term Care Insurance

Long- term care helps pay for personal assistance caused by the frailties of old age, as well as those caused by chronic illness. Long- term care insurance helps you pay for these and other expensive services. A good policy can offer you control and choices about what services you receive, as well as when and where you receive them.

Who Needs Long Term Care Insurance?

Most people who reach age 65 will need some level of long term care in their lives. In addition, accidents and illness can strike anyone at any age and cause the need for long term care.

What Does Long Term Care Insurance Cover?

  • In-home assistance for daily activities
  • Visiting nurses
  • Community programs
  • Adult day care
  • Care in a nursing home
  • Hospice care
  • Assisted-living services in a residential setting away from your home

When Should I Buy Long Term Care Insurance?

According to the AARP, the best time to buy long-term care insurance may be when you are healthy and in middle-age. It’s the time when you have the highest likelihood of being eligible for a policy and, just as important, when premium costs might be lower.

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