Life Insurance Services

We offer a selection of top-rated life insurance policies, plus options on different types of insurance coverage.

How much life insurance should you carry? Everyone’s life insurance needs are different, but in general, an individual’s needs are greatest from the time they start their careers and/or a family, up until the time they reach retirement, at which time some individuals’ needs for life insurance diminish. It is important to review your life insurance needs often to account for changes in your family’s lifestyle. We can help you calculate your needs to estimate how much life insurance you require.

There are three types of life insurance:

•Term Life Insurance

•Whole Life Insurance

•Universal Life Insurance

Each one has specific components that make them unique. At Susan Polk Insurance, we specialize in understanding your specific situation to help you determine whether term life, whole life, or universal life insurance is right for you.

Life Insurance: Individual Use

  • Income Replacement

  • Inheritance and Estate Taxes

  • Debt Payment and Mortgage Protection

  • Education Fund for Surviving Spouse or Children

  • Charitable Donations or Gifts to Family or Friends

Life Insurance: Business Use

  • Key-Person – Protects the business from income loss due to the death of a key person.

  • Business Continuation – Funds a buy/sell agreement or stock redemption plan to enable partners or a group of employees to buy the business interest of a deceased partner.

  • Employee Benefits – It is common to include life insurance protection for employees in company employee benefits plans.

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