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We offer dental insurance plans that are just right for you, so a tight budget never has to come between you and dental health.

Dental Insurance & Senior Health

Dental insurance is crucial to dental health. Insurance not only covers preventive care—such as cleanings and exams—but it also covers fillings, periodontal cleaning, oral surgery and root canals, as well as major services such as crowns and bridges. Some dental plans even cover implants.

The connection between insurance and dental health is especially clear among seniors. According to recent AARP National Poll on Healthy Aging conducted by the University of Michigan, “The dividing line between middle-aged adults who do and don’t practice good dental hygiene appears to be whether they have sufficient income and dental insurance.” The study observed that among individuals 50 to 64 who have dental insurance, 71% follow good oral-hygiene practices, including getting regular cleanings and going to the dentist when problems arise.

However, for those without coverage, only 33% get routine preventive dental care.

Dental insurance is crucial not only to healthy teeth, but to health and wellness overall. For example, San Luis Obispo-based dentist Douglas Ng of SLO Family Dentistry stresses the importance of regular dental care as we age. “Everything from heart health to brain health can be enhanced by getting regular dental care,” says Dr. Ng.

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Finances shouldn’t be a barrier between you and good health, and a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t have dental insurance. We offer plans through a number different carriers, so we’re always able to help you find the right plan for your dental needs as well as the dentist of your choice.

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