Meet the September 10th target date, and your drug lists are guaranteed to be reviewed by the December 7th deadline!

Why review my PDP-Prescription Drug Plan?

Because what you pay could change from year to year. Each year from October 15th to December 7th, Medicare beneficiaries have the opportunity to change their Prescription Drug Plans. Because companies can change their premiums, benefits, formularies, and co-pays each year, it’s important to review YOUR drug plan even if you have been happy with it.

How do I start the Process?

Call (805) 544-6454 and talk to Veronica. Veronica will request an updated drug list so we can choose the best plan for you in 2019. She’ll also share a copy of your current drug list. Email your corrections to [email protected], or submit them by mail or personal delivery to our office (address on next page), or by fax to (805) 544-8096.

The form will request your preferred local pharmacy as well as the names of your drugs, the dosage, the number of pills you take each month. If your drugs are the same as last year, Veronica will personally review your previous drug list to ensure accuracy. Once we have your up-to-date list, a Medicare Agent will contact you for review. (You won’t need to follow up to check progress. We’ll contact you with an update in the order your list was received.)

What happens next?

A Medicare Specialist will recommend you either: 1) stay with your present plan; or, 2) book a 20-minute appointment, either in-person or by telephone (depending on your preference).

What other ways can I have my drugs reviewed?

Visit and do your own review with the instructions provided in your Susan Polk Insurance packet, or call Medicare at (800) 633-4227 (available 24-7/363, closed Thanksgiving and Christmas).

P.S. Don’t worry if your drugs change after we’ve updated your list. You will have a chance to make any changes during the review process.

Update on Medicare Advantage Plans

We have long been advocates of original Medicare as the preferred Medicare method of choice. With every Medicare packet we hand out, we include the essay “Medicare Advantage Plans: Are they a Good Idea?” In this essay, we explain that enrollment into a Medicare supplement is only guaranteed within six months of Medicare eligibility, and that if you choose a Medicare Advantage Plan, your return to Medicare and a supplement is not guaranteed. We are convinced that having original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement is the very best coverage you can have, providing you with the freedom and choices you might need in a serious illness. But what about those folks who really can’t afford the best? As prices for Medicare Supplements and Medicare Part D drug plans have risen, we have been forced to revise our thinking.

Medicare Advantage may also be a good option for those:

•on a limited income

•who are older and don’t want to travel outside of the area for specialty help

•who trust their doctor and rely on his/her referrals

•in long-term care or hospice

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