What is Medicare’s “hold-harmless rule”? How does it relate to cost of living adjustments (COLA) and Medicare Part B premium increases? In short, the rule protects most Social Security recipients, and we think it is important that everyone understand how they are protected.

The Hold-Harmless Rule and How It Protects Social Security Recipients

Most Social Security recipients are protected from reductions in their monthly benefits due to increases in Medicare Part B premiums. This protection is known as the “hold-harmless rule.” The rule comes in to play depending on the amount of the cost of living adjustment (COLA) and the Part B premium increase.

Both Part A and Part B are part of original Medicare.

•Medicare Part A covers Medicare inpatient care, including hospital, skilled nursing facility. Part A is generally included as a Social Security benefit and the recipient does not pay premiums, except under certain conditions.

•Medicare Part B covers professional services, outpatient care, preventive services, ambulance services, and durable medical equipment. There is a premium for Part B that is deducted from monthly Social Security benefits

For 2018, the Part B premium increased to $134 for most Social Security recipients. Considering that about 63 million Americans are receiving Social Security retirement or disability benefits—and that the average retiree benefits are $1,404 per month—it’s easy to see that deducting any additional amount from an already-low income can have serious impact.

The hold-harmless rule ties any increase to Part B premiums to COLA. It ensures that Part B premiums cannot increase more that the previous year’s COLA in Social Security benefits. In other words, an increase in Part B premiums cannot reduce the amount of monthly Social Security payments.

Who Is and Who Is Not Protected?

The hold-harmless rule does protect you if you were enrolled in Part B before 2017 and the premiums are deducted from your Social Security payment. Even though, for most, the Part B premium increased to $134 for 2018, the 2% COLA resulted in a small increase in benefits as well as covering the premium increase.

However, the hold-harmless rule does not protect those who are:

•Delaying Social Security benefits but benefiting from Part B

•The 5% of Social Security recipients with an annual income higher than $85,000

The 2018 Part B premium increase for those not covered by the rule is between $187.50 and $428.60. The premium increases are based on income with the highest paid by those with incomes over $214,000 (or $428,000 for couples).

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