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Susan Polk Insurance is a Dave Ramsey Trusted Provider.

We are proud to say that Susan Polk Insurance is a RamseyTrusted Provider (formerly Endorsed Local Provider, or ELP). RamseyTrusted Providers are fully-vetted by Dave Ramsey and his team and have met the highest standards of top-notch service. Like it says on Dave’s website, “when you see someone wear [the RamseyTrusted badge], you know they’re determined to help.”

Why should you use a RamseyTrusted Provider? Here are just a few good reasons:

Who is Dave Ramsey?

Dave Ramsey is a personal money-management expert and the creator of Financial Peace University (FPU), which helps people dump debt and get control of their money. He also hosts the nationally-syndicated radio program “The Dave Ramsey Show,” which reaches about 20 million people each week. You can find out more about Dave and the dozens of money-management resources he’s made available at www.ramseysolutions.com.

Dave trusts us. You should, too.

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